You can be alone and not feel lonley but you can also be in a crowd and feeling completely lost. The last week my house had been a runaway house for teenagers who ran away from home. They needed a place to stay or they would have end up sleeping on the street. I can’t turn my head, ignore the problems those kids have so I offer them a place to stay. I’m not rich, I’m always struggling paying the bills but I do have a spare room and some food for them.

Suddenly I had a full house and there were kids everywhere. On top of that friends of them came by too while the puppy-dog, staying here for two weeks because my sister went on a holiday, was going nuts because of all those people in the house. My house didnt feel like my home anymore. There was no place in the house where I could work, find some quiet time of enjoy some me-time. I have never felt so lonely. I wished there was someone I could talk to. Although I have many acquintances, I wouldnt call any of them my friends because they dont feel like friends. When we do meet I always feel exhausted when I go home.

‘I need a Person’, I thought to myself. A Person I can call when I need to talk or chill, just hang out and do nothing, somebody who can charge my battery without knowing he is doing that. I have searched everywhere for my Person, even dialed 0900-PERSON but nobody picked up.

Suddenly I got a message from Homeboy. ‘Everything oké?’ Strangly he knows when I am upset and even more weird is that he always know how to unwind me. I tell him my story about the runaway kids, my kids, my work, that it is too much for me. ‘You’re a saint.’ he says, ‘I’ll be there in 45 minutes to have some tea and a talk!’ I smile and start cleaning up quickly  the mess the kids left behind. 45 minutes later I get a tight hug I needed so much. It not only makes me happy and relaxed. It’s so good to know that he is My Person. But it also makes me a bit sad that we have so little time together and I always have to wait till he is in town. My person, I love him to death.