There I was, at the end of the day in the supermarket, getting some catfood and noodles. Both of my kids where gone for the night and I asked Homeboy if he wanted to hang out. Since we dont have much time together I thought he would say yes but he said no. He was tired.

So there I was, wandering the lanes of the supermarket with my head somewhere between now and someday, I almost bumped into a Tall Stranger who looked at me in a very strange way. Although I was exhausted of work, the puppydog, teenagers in the house, basically just ordinary life, my mind rushed into speedlevel. ‘Why is he looking at me like that? Did I forget to put on my shoes? Is there something on my face? I did eat some choclate cookies before I left.’ I quickly walked on to find the catfoodsection and although I had been there a billion times, I was completely desoriented. To make it even worse Tall Stranger followed me with his eyes. I tried not to notice it but why was he looking at me like that. ‘Oh, wait, maybe he thinks I am cute. I am still single ofcourse. Some things never change. People always compliment me about my magical eyes. Maybe that was it!’

Wondering off to Neverneverland I picked out a new flavour for my cat. I turned around and there he was again, looking at me. Standing there, more pathetic than ever with my noodles-for-one and cat-for-one, it suddenly hit me; I have become the Crazy-Cat-Lady of my own town. That was his reason for staring at me.

I rushed back to my car. When I switched on the engine this stupid song started to play. ‘You can’t hurry love, no you just have to wait.’
‘Seriously? I am fourtyfreakingtwo years old. I dont have much more time left to wait. In fact I don’t want to wait. No, better, I aint gonna wait!’
I gave myself the sarcastic peptalk till I smiled again. I’m pretty good at that. Too bad Mister Dreamdate is missing that because it sure sounds very funny everytime I hear myself do that. Back home my cat is already waiting for me. I warm up the noodles and give her the special new flavour. Together we start eating our dinner-for-one together. During our luxery dinner I tell my cat the funny story. She doesnt give a shit of course, she has her new flavour but then again, how many women in a relationship thell their stories at the end of the day and their guy doesnt give a shit either. At least I get the whole bed to myself!