Against all odds I worked my way up in life. My company is still going strong, my children are doing fine and I got invited to visit family in Australia. Life seemed to be smiling to me and I had a wonderfull time in Australia untill I got back. My daughter got lost again, my parents who always blamed me for her problems in the past seemed to messed it up themselves this time and I had to fix what was going wrong again. It was hard and during this storm I got tired, so tired of fighting, so tired of doing everything alone.
During my holiday, Homeboy texted me daily how I was doing and when I would be back. Aparently he missed me terrible and 2 days after I got back, I went to see him. We are like to peas in a pie. I really thought things were about to change between us but then it hit me hard. I found out his partner was pregnant again. I decided to let him go. There was just this slight problem that he just gave me a mayor project to create. ‘Dont mix business and personal life’ they say and they were right. How can we be in the same room talking about business while are hearts want something different. I took a step back and he noticed it. He took a step forward and called me so many times about ‘the project’ not knowing that I know. I thought I could do this, taking a step back but on a sundaymorning it hit me. I was lost, lonely and I didnt know where to turn to. There was a storm going through my body that needed to be free. I desperately looked up and asked for a sign, a miracle, something to hold on to. As if he would know how I felt, he texted me to come to the office. And so I did.
When he saw my face, he knew I was not doing oké. We talked about life, work, everything but the pink elephant in the room.
Driving home, feeling better, I texted him that he always will be the peace in my stormy life, my safe haven, my home. I couldnt see his face but I imagine he was smiling feeling the same.
I’m not a homewrecker and I will not steal someones husband but I do wonder if we are meant to be together. I do wonder if he is My One. I met so many people in life but no one ever felt like home to me like he does. My Homeboy. Letting go seems useless because we always find our way back to eachother.