Most of my life, I’ve tried to figure out the Why’s and the How’s. Why is one person always lucky and how does another one always has all the bad luck in the world. Are things really written in the stars when we’re born? Or do we still have a free choice in how we live our lifes.

Last night Homeboy texted me again. He was out for his work till very late. He told me in a message where he was, I thought he sent it to the wrong person but he didn’t. He wanted to let me know where he was. He wanted to talked with me. Lately he comes to find me more often than he ever did and I can’t chase him away anymore with the things I say when I’m honest. So after some chitchat about work and life, I asked him that one question that has been on my mind for years. ‘Where were you may 1997?’

Now why would anybody remember that? But more, why would anybody want to know that? For me that year, that month and that moment was a turning point. I was on the run for an exboyfriend who wanted to kill me. Really kill me. I was hiding for him for months and my plan was to run away to my sweet uncle and aunt in Australie. I would be safe there. I would be able to breath again and start a life. However, my awfull family stopped me there. They didn’t want me to go for some weird reason. I still haven’t figured that one out. So I stayed. Got pregnant and got married with another awfull man who abused me for years.

When I met Homeboy the first time, he told me he travelled through Australie for three years. Counting back the years, I found out he was there when I wanted to flee the country and go to Australie. This can’t be true. I thought to myself. Australie is big. What are the odds of us meeting there. I had to know. I had to know if I missed my chance of being with my true love. And so I asked. ‘In what part of Australia were you in May 1997?’

He had to think back. My phone stayed quiet for the longest time before it lit up. There was my answer. ‘In May 1997 I was in the West.’ Tears welled up in my eyes. If only I listened to my gutfeeling. If only I had left. We could have, we should have. I turned the corner and we never met. Destiny worked his ass off to get us back together many years later but then it was already too late. The only conclusion I can make of this, that everybody has a true love. It’s that different corner you take. It’s written in the stars that there is somebody out there for you, except circomstance and decisions give life a twisted turn.