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The day after the storm

It was the day after the biggest storm since 1900 when I took my daily walk through the woods. Lately I always walk the same route but this time it was a mess, broken trees and leaves were lying everywhere on the path I walked on. It reminded me of my own life and the broken pieces that healed again along the way. Continue reading “The day after the storm”


Stormy weather

I love stormy weather. Maybe not strange for a libra which is an air-sign. So while this summerstorm is trying his best to make trees dance and let leaves fly into the air, I’m feeling great. Walking through the storm feels like having superpowers. Continue reading “Stormy weather”

Keep on walking

Apparently I have this chronic disease for some time now. For years I knew it was coming because I have lived a life on high speed level so the engine had to crash at some point. It wasn’t a life of partying, drugs, alcohol and sex. No, it was a life of running away, surviving and most of al staying alife and in a later stage protecting my children. Continue reading “Keep on walking”

Looking for my squad

‘They’ say I’m no different. ‘They’ also say 50% of the divorced women don’t have a baby-daddy coming around or get alimoney. I always wonder where those women are. Who are they, where do they live because I can’t find them. They probably work just as hard as me. As far as I know, there is no special name for it. Continue reading “Looking for my squad”

Bibbidi bobbidi boe

It’s The Day After, early in the morning and I can’t sleep anymore. Yesterday my girl celebrated her sweet 16. Only two more years and she will be a young woman. For the first time in her life she was allowed to go out in the city last night. I heard her coming in around 4 in the morning. I turned around and thought that this will be the things I have to get used to from now on. Like Elsa sings so annoyingly: ‘let it gooooo.’  It’s not easy if you just want to protect her from getting hurt. Continue reading “Bibbidi bobbidi boe”

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